Health benefits of Organic Flax Seeds

Health benefits of Organic Flax Seeds

In the 21st century people have becomes increasingly become conscious about living a healthy lifestyle. To stay fit mentally and physically, there has been awareness to eat well, sleep a proper 8 hour duration in a day, exercise, consume less alcohol or quit altogether are some measures, people are taking to ensure they are healthy. However, there is more to add to a healthy lifestyle when it comes to healthy eating. For hundreds of years Indians are known to eat healthy by choice of healthy and balanced diet and identifying naturally occuring edibles. One such nutritious consumable is flax seed. In this article we shall discuss about the flax seeds and their benefits.


Flax seeds also known as Alsi seeds in some parts of India are packed with naturally occurring micronutrients and antioxidants. They are rich with omega 3 fatty acids, rich in fibers and antioxidants which help in fighting lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and cardiac ailments.


Omega 3 fatty acids are considered to be very beneficial for healthy functioning of the heart. However they are mostly found in seafood and eggs, hence making them  a limitation for vegetarians and vegans. However, flax seeds help in overcoming that limitation as they naturally occur in this plant based food.


The antioxidant nature of flax seeds help in removing free radicals that are found in processed food. Hence consuming flax seeds in the right form  helps in getting rid of harmful substances in the body.


Flax seeds are also high in fibers, hence they  help  in stool formation and acts as a purgative. Adding flax seeds to diet helps in increasing the coarseness and fibrousness  and this also helps in digestion. The soluble fibre in the flax seed traps the cholesterol and helps in checking the cholesterol in the body.


The Alpha Linolenic acid compound found in the flax seeds help in fighting inflammation in the body. Hence people who are suffering from arthritic pain, flax seed provides a natural way of relief. Consuming flax seeds also helps fighting inflammation of lungs. Flaxseed oil is used as a home remedy for asthma.


Flay seed can also be used to cure skin problems like acne and other allergic skin conditions. The Omega fatty acids also helps fighting graying of hair.


As flax seeds are gluten free, it can replace the grains that have gluten and help people who are allergic to Gluten.


To summarize, flax seeds are certainly a boon to the human race. Its naturally available and regular consumption of flax seeds as a dietary supplement can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.