About Us

We started the Organic farming business in the year 2007 with the local farmer community Wayanad District Kerala. Initially the business was incorporated as Chemmanam Exports. Moving forward in the last decade grew to Mother Nature Organic, a family run business. The current business was incorporated as Beriah Organic Private Ltd. The aim of the company is to create an exclusive platform for consumers who want to adopt a healthy and organic lifestyle. The products listed on Mother Nature Organic website are organically certified.


The Concept


The team of Mother Nature organic have conducted an extensive market study, and creatively designed the idea of an organic retail marketplace which not only lists a wide range of organic food and lifestyle related products, but also aims to provide competitive prices by on boarding a number of vendors. The retail customers get to choose from a wide range of products and get competitive prices whereas the vendors get exposed to an effective market to sell their products seamlessly. Thus creating a perfect supply and demand relationship. The Organic supermarket is the latest trend in the current consumer needs driven market. A transparent and easy to use online organic marketplace encourages all the stakeholders to contribute to the growth of the market in a positive way.


The Mission


The Mission is to establish a smoothly running Online Supermarket and manage the buyer and seller relationship to make the marketplace a success in the coming 2 years.

About the Director


Boben Varghese:


Boben is an entrepreneur with a penchant for Organic lifestyle. Realizing the growing demand for organic retail products, Boben decided to venture in to the Organic retail space in the year 2017 and studied the demand side of the market, current options available for the consumers, pain points of organic producers and decided to come up with the idea to launch this market place. Boben lives in Kerala, a southern state in the Republic of India and also the state is fondly called God’s own country, well known also for its serene environmental beauty. Boben not only has established the company to promote organic lifestyle for the people, but also follows the organic lifestyle in principle, and strongly advocates it to his friends. Boben is an avid traveller, fitness enthusiast and foodie.





June 2018  : The Company BERIAH ORGANIC PRIVATE LIMITED  was incorporated


July  2018 :  The Concept was rolled out to build a state of the art online marketplace for linking vendors and buyers


August 2018 : Proposals for the website sought from leading web development firms


October 2018: The Website development is complete


December 2018 : Vendor onboarding complete


Jan 2019  : A detailed marketing plan is prepared to drive traffic to the website and encourage people to buy the products listed


May 2019: Mobile application is planned


Why Organic?


The human body is a sophisticated machine which uses external food materials to gather various forms of nutrients, in order to accumulate, grow and sustain. The whole mechanism of assimilating the food substance into the body to be used at a cellular level is very complex. For millions of years humans have evolved, learning to gather food from natural sources. The human body is accustomed to consume food which was produced by nature. However the growth of population and increasing demand of food supply, compelled humans to adopt artificial cultivation to increase the food produce. During the period of industrialization and in the recent years, what is being consumed by humans is far from natural. Food has been contaminated by fertilizers, pesticides and other synthetic materials in order to increase production as well as the shelf life of the food items. Though it has solved some issues of humankind, it has affected people in a big way. Over the last few decades there has been an increase in reported incidences of lifestyle related diseases which can be traced to contaminated food production.


So what is the solution?


The solution is to go back to natural food habits by adopting natural and organic lifestyle. Mother Nature Organic aims to introduce and encourage the organic lifestyle to people. Food which has been produced organically from start to end without the use of synthetic chemicals is made available by Mother Nature Organic’s selected vendors.


An Organic lifestyle is not just about eating Organic food, but also taking care of nature with a holistic approach. There are various aspects of Organic lifestyle which you can refer to in our Mother Nature Resources Section


In Today’s busy lifestyle it is not easy for people to produce their own food naturally or organically, hence they must find vendors whom they can trust. This is where Mother Nature Organics intervenes by doing all the ground work of trusted vendors, assuring the quality of the produces and then listing them on the website.